Liv Spring Revival - April 14

Spring into Fun and Help a Friend in Need!

Our Liv Spring Revival event will be a Women's Only No-Drop Road AND Mountain Bike Ride, followed by tasty treats and a bike washing fundraiser for our friend and fellow cyclist, Bobbie Simpson, who suffered a total loss of belongings (including her brand-new Giant AnyRoad) in a recent house fire.

Starting at 9am on Saturday April 14th, there will be a road ride lead by Candace (22 miles) AND a mountain bike ride led by Kim (14 miles)! Both ride options are No-Drop (no one gets left behind) and both rides will leave from the store promptly at 9am. Plan to arrive at the shop by 8:45am if you need to air up your tires, fill up water bottles, or use the restroom. Be sure to bring an appropriate bike in good working order, your emergency repair kit, a helmet, water bottles/hydration pack, front/rear flashing lights, and any necessary nutritional items.  There will be delicious post-ride refreshments for all participants.  

We'll also have a Muc-Off bike wash station set up with a large jar for tips/donations, all of which will go toward helping Bobbie and her family rebuild their home.  
Want to know how to wash your bike?  We'll teach you!  Just want to get your bike washed?  We'll wash it!

Spring Revival is an opportunity to end your Winter hibernation, celebrate the changing of the season with friends and to give back to your community of ladies. Please come out, have fun, get your bike washed, and show support for one of our sweet friends and biggest cheerleaders.
If you can't make it, but would like to make a donation that would help Bobbie and her family, here is the link to the fundraising page that Susan Smith set up:

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