AJBW Service Packages

Parts Not Included In Pricing

2-Star Service


-Complete safety inspection
-Brake adjustment
-Torque all hardware
-Lube chain
-Tire inflation

3-Star Service


Upgrades over 2-Star Service include the following:

-34 point inspection
-Bearing adjustments
-Derailleur adjustments
-Lube accessible cables
-True wheels

*The 3-Star Service is included at no charge for 1-Year with the purchase of any new bike from AJBW and is non-transferable.

4-Star Service


Upgrades over 3-Star Service include the following:

-Cable replacement
-Housing replacement
-Bike wash
-Degrease drivetrain
-Overhaul crank bearings

5-Star Service


Upgrades over 4-Star Service include the following:

-Complete bike overhaul
-Facing of bearing and brake surfaces
-Re-Tension wheels
-Dropout alignment
-Service pedals
-Replacement of tires, tubes, tape/grips, brake pads, chain, and cassette