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We would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who has called or emailed us with words of encouragement and praise!  We greatly appreciate you taking the time to make such nice gestures and will continue to provide everyone with the highest level of service possible.
Thank you!


Hi Drew:

Please pass on to Nate, Ben, Robin and Andy how much I appreciate all the attention I received in your shop today.
I can go to any shop that I elect in the Gainesville and Atlanta area; however, they don't give me the special attention that I receive at your place.
In my opinion, your shop remains one of the outstanding, customer-oriented shops in the state of Georgia.  That is the main reason I continue to return to Augusta for bike service.

My best regards.

Gainesville, GA

I was in high school when Andy Jordan first opened the doors to his new bicycle shop in 1974.  As a native Augustan, it means a lot to me to have the opportunity to do business with a local shop that has been family owned and operated for almost 40 years!  Andy’s son, Drew, manages the store now but Andy is still in the shop doing what he enjoys – everything bicycle! 

Growing up, I was fortunate to always have a bicycle and I remained physically fit as a result.  However the day I received my driver’s license I retired my bike and began driving cars and motorcycles.  Hindsight is 20-20.  I should have kept up bicycling at least on a part time basis to maintain some level of fitness but I didn’t.

Fast-forward 35 years when I realized that I lacked the discipline to even walk on a regular basis for fitness.  I knew then that I needed a bicycle back in my life.  The first thing that came to mind was Andy Jordan’s Bicycle Warehouse!  I got online and went to their website and began my search for the ideal bike.  I emailed Drew Jordan and after asking a number of questions, he made some suggestions and asked that I visit the store to ride a couple of bikes. 

I procrastinated for months, which then became almost two years.  I would email Drew every now and then to let him know that I was still interested and each time, Drew would reply enthusiastically reminding me that he and the staff were there for me when I was ready.

Well, in July ’13, I finally had had enough of my being overweight and out of shape so I got in my car and drove to Andy Jordan’s Bicycle Warehouse where I was greeted by an awesome sales representative and technician, Robin.  Robin made me feel as welcome and relaxed as I would be in my own home.  We talked about my needs and he suggested a Giant Sedona DX.  I took it for a test ride and it was great.  To make the deal even better, the Sedona was on sale!  Robin explained all of the features of the bike and then he suggested some items that were necessities like a quality helmet and tire pump. 

While in the shop, I spent some time chatting with Andy Jordan.  Andy asked what area of Augusta I lived in and then he reminded me of a number of great places to ride my new bicycle safely near my home.  He also spoke of other areas of interest around town. 

In closing, I would like to describe the family atmosphere at Andy Jordan’s Bicycle Warehouse.  In addition to Andy and Drew Jordan, you would think that Robin and the other staff members were family as well.  Clearly these guys are expert bicycle riders but I, as an amateur, felt welcome and very much at ease while in their store.  I would heartily suggest anyone considering a new bicycle, bike accessories or service to make Andy Jordan’s your first stop to shop!

Augusta, GA

I just wanted to send a note of thanks for service received last week on my Cypress bicycle.  Initial problem was a flat on the rear, but gear change out had been suggested so the gears were changed and the flat fixed.  I am really pleased with both bikes purched from Andy Jordans's; a Sedona and my latest Cypress.  I have always received excellent service and answers to my "amateur" questions.  All your team treats me with respect and courtesy.  Many thanks to each of you for your excellent service and help with service and biking questions.

North Augusta, SC

I usually don’t take time to write these things but I just had to drop you a line and let you know how much I have enjoyed my new bike. I haven’t bought a new bike in over ten years so when I started looking, it’s safe to say I felt completely overwhelmed. Even though you took so much time to try and re-educate me on all the new styles, features and technologies and let me take the bikes out for trial rides, in the end I still had to rely on your advice about what would be the best all around bike for what type of riding I wanted to do. Needless to say I have not been disappointed.

I took my first ride on the new wheels on May 7th and since then I have put over 500 miles on the bike. It really wasn’t until I got out on the trails allot that I understood how good this bike really is. I am so pleased at the end of every ride about the decision I made. I also wanted to thank you for making me aware of the upgrade opportunity. I ended up spending just a bit more than I planned but I really understand now just how much bike I got for the buck. I truly feel like this bike will take me as far and long as I want to go.

You said before I purchased it that you couldn’t promise me it would make me a better rider, but you could promise me it would make me more comfortable during and after the rides. I just want to know it has done both. I am a better rider because I am having so much fun that I just want to ride all the time. I am easily in the best shape of my life and loving every minute of it.

Even after three months of riding and understanding all the technical nuances allot better, I can honestly say if I had a chance to do it all over again I would get the same bike. It will take care of me for years to come.

Thanks again for everything.

North Augusta, SC

As a novice at bicycling, my oldest son and I entered the Andy Jordan's Bicycle Warehouse on a Tuesday, asking about the possible repair and maintenance of an old bike.  We were treated with respect and given the good advice that with the age of our bike, its make, etc., we would be better served to consider the purchase of a new bike.  Without any sales pressure, we left the business, went home to discuss the pro's and con's, and returned the next day to purchase a Giant FCR-3 with the needed safety accessories.  The story gets better, as having ridden my son's bike that evening, I returned the next day to buy the same model bike for myself, again with the needed accessories.  Throughout this entire experience, we were treated with the utmost respect and never felt any "hard sell" tactics.  In fact, I cannot remember a better shopping experience!  This is truly a family business, with a deep commitment for customer satisfaction and community involvement.  I know that if I ever need a third bike, or have need for any additional biking accessories or expertise - Andy Jordan's Bicycle Warehouse will be my choice.  I suggest that you make it your choice, too.

North Augusta, SC

I had the pleasure of shopping at your store this past Saturday.  I purchased the Giant OCR 3W.  I am writing to tell you that it was by far the best shopping experience that I have had in a very long time.  Kudos to you and your team for giving me one of the best shopping experiences ever.  It was well worth the trip.  I could have easily gone to one of the "conglomerates" here.  But on recommendations from one of your recent customers, i decided to make the drive over to see why she was so excited about her recent purchase from you.

We live in a society of "superstores" and "microwave" shopping experiences.  One is extremely fortunate if they are able to get a sales associate to point them in the right direction in the "superstore", (after having waited a very long time for even that tiny bit of assistance).  I could never expect to have someone spend time explaining and sharing their knowledge about the product the you did with me on Saturday.

My wish for you is that you have continued success in your business so that others, like me, who may be unsure and tentative, will have the benefit of experiencing the same honesty and concern as I did in their shopping venture.

Covington, GA

I am so pleased with this bicycle. I got home and went for a ride. How wonderful and comfortable!!  Thank you so much for your help.  I just cannot tell you how thrilled I am. I have been calling all my friends and telling them to go see you and get a bicycle. Thanks.

Midville, GA

I purchased a Giant OCR C3 today and I took it for it's maiden voyage (16 miles).  My buddy, Ken, and I road on Fort Gordon where we work, we did one of our typical light days with a trip out to Range Control (half the loop) and back to the Gordon Club, where we started.
Let me say, for someone who has been waiting since August of 1992 for a new road bike, it was a huge improvement over my 1991 Schwinn Traveler (14 speed) all aluminum (stock).  I can't say enough about how much better the gear shifting is since I no longer have to reach down to the down tube shifters.  I can now quickly correct for bad decisions when shifting on hills.  The roads were much smoother since moving to an all carbon fiber frame, from an aluminum frame.  (Fort Gordon road system, bla).  I think the wider handlebars really work for my wide shoulders.  
Now the good stuff.  Ken and I made it to Range Control with an average of 15.8 (we did somewhat take our time to get use to the new bike).  With a short "catch-my-breath" slow-down (less than a minute), we proceeded back to the club parking lot.  The entire ride ended with a 15.9 mph average.  Drat, I just couldn't make it hit 16 mph average... next time.  If I remember correctly, that's about 0.7 mph faster than my last trip out to range control (last week).
So... was it worth it?  I think so!  It's LIGHT YEARS above what I had and I got an all carbon frame for the price of a carbon forked frame.  Thank you!  Having essentially 6 more gears to toy around with was way better.  Better up the hills, and yes, better down the hills too.  I found that I could challenge Ken a little bit more now.  "He had an easy day with me".  Hee hee.
Thanks again and I will be back for more.  I hope to join you all for the Saturday ride.

Augusta, GA

I just wanted to send a note of thanks for everything with my purchase of my bike this week.  This is the first bike I have purchased in well over 20 years. The last one came from your shop, a Raleigh SL7000.  I grew up when the BMX and Freestyle boom were first beginning.  I came in the shop this week looking for a bike to ride with my four year old son.  I knew I didn't want a mountain bike, so I came in thinking I wanted to try a 24" BMX Cruiser.  After talking with me, you guys immediately knew what I really needed was a bike like the monocog.  You were exactly right, and I love this bike.  Thanks for all your help, great service, and a great buying experience. 

North Augusta, SC

I just wanted to say "thanks" again for the help today.  You demystified a purchase that in truth I was dragging my feet making.  You didn't talk down to me even though I was clearly a novice, and that's very refreshing from a shop that clearly also caters to the more elite levels of the sport.  But you also kept it simple and fun.  I spent the whole afternoon tooling around town on my new 'ride'.  Thanks again!

Augusta, GA

This past weekend I was in town, I live in Atlanta, with family and a group of us decided to ride the greenway.  On our way through town one of our fellow riders started having issues with his chain, so we detoured by yall's store to find it closes.  This was shortly before 9am and we saw that yall didn't open until 10am.  This was a bit of a bummer, but as we were about to head back to the house to find some 3-in-1 oil [yes I know this is a no no, but we didn't know what else to do] yall came out and opened up the store just for us.  I wanted to say thank you and that it is very rare to find businesses around me in Atlanta that are willing to go out of their way for great customer service.

I also want to say that last year before the Lock to Lock ride I bought a mountain bike from yall and it has been an amazing bike.  The weekend of that ride was the first time in about seven years I had been on a bike, but it hasn't been more than two or three days in a row that I haven't ridden since. Last month my uncle and I did the entire Silver Comet trail to Alabama and my bike was awesome. I really have to say that I love yall's store and thanks again for going beyond what is required for customer service.

Atlanta, GA

I am the customer from Canton, GA who purchased a full suspension Giant mountain bike from you about two weeks ago. I want you to know that I’ve fallen in love with biking again! I frequently ride at Blankets Creek in Woodstock and the bike simply glides over the trails. No more arm fatigue or numbness in my fingers. And the brakes are superb. In short the bike is everything you said it would be. I plan to stop by your store next week after Christmas for the initial service that you suggested. Please have a Merry Christmas as I will be enjoying mine on the trail.

Canton, GA